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Unfinished Business: One Man’s Journey to Redemption – A Book Review

How Unfinished Business by Lee Kravitz Can Inspire You to Live with Purpose


Are you looking for a book that will inspire you to live your life to the fullest? Look no further than “Unfinished Business” by Lee Kravitz. This memoir takes readers through Kravitz’s life as he sets out to right the wrongs of his past and lives with no regrets. “Unfinished Business” is mandatory for everyone searching for life’s meaning and intended purpose, as it contains compelling narratives and insightful reflections.


Lee Kravitz was a successful magazine editor and writer when he turned 60. But he was haunted by the fact that he had never made amends for some of his mistakes earlier in his life. So he embarked on a year-long journey to right the wrongs of his past, from apologizing to an old girlfriend to reconnecting with estranged family members. “Unfinished Business” chronicles Kravitz’s journey and the lessons he learned.

Key Themes:

The book explores several themes that are relevant to anyone seeking to live a more fulfilling life, including:


Kravitz reflects on his mistakes and regrets not making things right sooner. His journey inspires readers to confront their guilt and take action to make amends.


Kravitz seeks forgiveness from those he has wronged and learns to forgive himself. The book teaches readers about the power of forgiveness and its ability to heal relationships.


Kravitz’s journey involves reconnecting with estranged family members and building new relationships. The book explores the importance of family and its impact on our lives.

Why You Should Read It:

“Unfinished Business” is a powerful memoir that will inspire you to reflect on your own life and take action to live it to the fullest. Kravitz’s journey is both relatable and inspiring, and his insights into life and relationships are profound. Whether seeking to make amends for past mistakes, build stronger relationships, or find meaning and purpose in your life, “Unfinished Business” is a must-read.

Final Thoughts:

“Unfinished Business” is a book that will stay with you long after reading it. Kravitz’s journey is a reminder that it’s never too late to make things right and live a life with no regrets. This book is essential for every person searching for a deeper meaning in life, and we enthusiastically endorse it.

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