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“Unlocking the Secrets of Wealth: Powerful Advice on Developing a Rich Mindset from Steve Siebold’s ‘How Rich People Think'”

  1. “Wealth confers authority, and to get it, you must be extremely determined.” —Russell Conwell
  2. “The very essence of America is the drive to earn money, then make money with money, and lastly make a lot of money with a lot of money.” — Paul Erdman
  3. “Those with leverage are more powerful than those with less leverage.” In other words, just as humans acquired advantages over animals by using leveraged instruments, so too do people who utilize leveraged tools have greater power than those who do not. Simply put, leverage equates to power.” — Robert Kiyosaki
  4. “Run for your life from any individual who tells you that money is bad. This statement serves as a warning to an approaching thief. — Ayn Rand
  5. “When you realize that money is your heavenly inheritance, you should insist on taking it.” — Catherine Ponder
  6. “The wealthy are successful. It is not the case that those who create money are successful, but rather that successful individuals attract wealth. They bring success to what they undertake.” — Wayne Dyer
  7. “I am tough and determined, and I know just what I want. If that makes me a whore, so be it.” — Madonna
  8. “Teamwork is so important that if you aren’t good at it, it will be nearly impossible for you to reach the top of your skills or make as much money as you want.” —Brian Tracy
  9. “Money ensures that we will have what we desire in the future.” While we have no immediate needs, this ensures that we will be able to satisfy future desires.” — Aristotle
  10. “A man with a surplus can change his situation, but a man without a surplus is often unable to make good decisions.” — Harvey Firestone
  11. “Wealth is the result of a man’s intellectual capacity.” — Ayn Rand
  12. “Formal education will provide for your livelihood. Self-education will bring you great wealth.” — Jim Rohn
  13. “Ready money is the lamp of Aladdin.” — Lord Byron
  14. “The true source of wealth in the twenty-first century is not tangible goods. It is the mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and hope for the future.” — Steve Forbes
  15. “Money never initiates an idea; rather, an idea initiates the money.” — William Cameron
  16. “Always, old men advise their younger counterparts to save money. This is poor guidance. Don’t hoard every dollar. Invest heavily in yourself.” — Henry Ford
  17. “A sage should have wealth in his intellect but not in his heart.” — Jonathan Swift
  18. “Network marketing has demonstrated its viability and profitability as a source of income. There have been some exceptional instances of achievement.” — Donald Trump
  19. “Energy and ideas produce wealth.” — William Feather
  20. “Every person who becomes wealthy through their own efforts paves the road for countless others to follow in their footsteps and inspires them to do so.” — Wallace Wattles
  21. “I do not negotiate for financial gain. I have more than enough—far more than I would ever need. I do it to do it.” — President Trump
  22. “Money was created for the generous and open-hearted.” — John Ray
  23. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and prudence to amass a large fortune, and ten times as much skill to retain it once you have it. — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  24. “Don’t be swayed by the opinions of the typical man. When you dream, he believes you’re insane. If you succeed, he will consider you lucky. Gain wealth, and he will consider you greedy. Pay no attention. He simply lacks comprehension.” — Robert Allen
  25. “Money has nothing to do with brains. It’s all about inspiration.” — Jim Rohn
  26. “Money is the symbol of freedom.” To curse money is to curse liberty and life, both of which are meaningless unless they are free.” — Rémy De Gourmont
  27. “Money will amplify the qualities you already possess. If you are not a kind person, money will turn you into a horrible person. If you are a nice person, money will make you much better.” — Bob Proctor
  28. “A guy is successful if he rises in the morning, goes to bed at night, and does what he wants in between.” — Bob Dylan
  29. “Money requires you to sell not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your brilliance to their intelligence.” — Ayn Rand
  30. Every day, you will have opportunities to take risks and work without a safety net. In my case, my comfort zone is business clothes and real estate, but sometimes you have to take a chance. When the risks pay off, you receive the greatest rewards. —President Trump
  31. “No one can get wealthy unless they enrich others. Whoever contributes to prosperity must flourish in return.” —Alexander Orndorf
  32. “Too many individuals prioritize security above potential. They appear to fear life more than death.” — James Byrnes
  33. If a person has a healthy relationship with money, it will help him in practically every other aspect of his life. — Billy Graham.
  34. “Money is merely a means. It will transport you wherever you want to go, but you will remain the driver.” — Ayn Rand
  35. “Man was inevitably destined to become wealthy via the use of his faculties.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  36. “Money is not everything, but it ranks beside air.” — Rita Davenport
  37. “Money is the language of life, but people rarely talk about it in parlors without feeling bad about it. Its effects and rules are as beautiful as roses.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  38. “Whoever waits on fortune is never certain of a meal.” — Benjamin Franklin
  39. If you are not as affluent as you would like, you are ignorant of something. — Wood, David
  40. “The only benefit of wealth is the freedom from financial concerns.” — The Johnny Carson Show
  41. “The most impressive and important way to be free and live with dignity is to live within your means. — President Calvin Coolidge
  42. “Money is a well-known source of comfort.” — Plato
  43. You eventually reach a point when you no longer labor for money. —Walt Disney
  44. “God wants us to be financially successful and have a lot of money so that we can follow the path he has for us.” — Joel Osteen
  45. “I’ve nearly reached the conclusion that money is a condition of mind and that anyone may attain a wealthy state of mind by thinking wealthy thoughts.” — Andrew Young
  46. “A quart cannot fit in a pint. If it holds a pint, it has fulfilled all expectations.” — Margaret Deland
  47. “Money serves only two purposes. The greater your level of comfort, the more creative you will become. In addition, it allows you to expand the service you provide far beyond your physical presence. — Bob Proctor
  48. “Success means worrying about everything in the world except for money.” —Johnny Cash
  49. “Life is play. Money is our scorecard.” —Ted Turner.
  50. “Selfishness is sometimes a virtue. Survival requires selfishness, and if we cannot survive, we cannot defend those we love more than ourselves.” — Duke Ellington
  51. “Money is power. With riches, numerous possibilities exist.” — George Clason
  52. “Pessimism causes weakness, while optimism produces power.” — William James
  53. “Self-reliance is the only path to genuine freedom, and its ultimate reward is being one’s own person.” — Patricia Sampson
  54. “Do not insult the wealthy. When did someone in need give you a job?” — Laurence J. Peter
  55. “Habit is a major cause of wealth.” — John Jacob Astor
  56. “Never forget that the secret to gaining wealth for oneself is creating wealth for others. — Sir John Templeton.
  57. “The only two ways a guy may learn are through reading and associating with smarter people.” — Will Rogers
  58. “Those who know how to study know enough.” — Henry Adams
  59. “You must develop the habit of thinking in terms of a well-defined goal. — Henry John Patterson
  60. “Happy is he who has discovered his work; let him seek no further felicity.” — The author, Thomas Carlyle.
  61. “Goodness, beauty, and truth have always shone before me and filled me with the delight of existence.” A system of ethics based on the pursuit of comfort or pleasure would only be enough for a herd of cattle. — Albert Einstein
  62. “Fortune and love befriend the courageous.” — Ovid.
  63. “The empires of the future will be mental empires.” — Winston Spencer Churchill
  64. “The fact that some people become wealthy demonstrates that others can also become wealthy and therefore serves to encourage industry and enterprise.” — Abraham Lincoln
  65. “No one achieves success beyond his or her wildest hopes unless he or she starts out with crazy expectations.” — Richard Charell
  66. “Earning money is an art, and the best art is good business. —
  67. “Money will follow diligent work performance.” — Jose Silva
  68. “All wealth has its origin in the mind,” and “wealth resides in ideas.” — Robert Collier
  69. “Money doesn’t make you happy.” I currently have $50 million, but I would have been happy with $48 million. — Arnold Schwarzenegger
  70. “Money is one of the most essential aspects of your life. Some of life’s greatest pleasures and most of its greatest sorrows stem from your financial decisions. Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety depends on how well you manage your finances.” — Robert Allen
  71. “You can be youthful without money, but you cannot be old. Tennessee Williams
  72. “Money is the measure of a society’s morality.” — Ayn Rand
  73. “Being conscious is contagious.” — Albert Einstein
  74. “If you’re going to take risks, you need one thing: self-assurance. — Don Shula
  75. “All effort and no play yields nothing. Jack need not be a dull boy with sufficient jack. — Malcolm Forbes
  76. “So you believe money to be the cause of all evil?” Have you ever wondered what the origin of money is? Money is a medium of exchange that cannot exist without the production of products and the existence of capable producers. Money is the physical manifestation of the notion that men who wish to transact with one another must engage in commerce and exchange goods for goods. Money is neither the tool of those who claim your product through tears nor of those who grab it by force. Money is only feasible through the production of men. Is that your definition of evil? — Ayn Rand
  77. “Believe nothing just because you’ve heard it. Do not believe anything merely because it is widely discussed and rumored. Do not believe something solely because it appears in your religious texts. Do not accept anything based just on the word of your professors and elders. Though traditions have been passed down for many centuries, you should not believe in them. But if, after observation and analysis, you conclude that something accords with reason and is beneficial to all, then accept it and live up to it.” “Money is not an obstacle.” — Prince Gautama Siddhartha
  78. “Lack of creativity is a barrier.” — Ken Hakuta
  79. “The fastest way to make a million dollars is to get paid to speak in public about what you know.” — Bill Gove
  80. “As I became wealthy, I began to wonder, ‘What am I going to do with all this money?’ You must learn to contribute.” — Ted Turner
  81. “Money is abundant for those who comprehend the basic laws governing its acquisition.” — George Clason
  82. “Money represents responsibility. That is the sacrament of achieving the goal of humanity.” — Samuel Butler
  83. “Neither my god nor my demon is money. It is a sort of energy that tends to amplify who we already are, whether greedy or loving.” — Dan Millman
  84. “He is a sensible man if he wants to earn as much money as he can legitimately, for money can do so much good in the world, not just for oneself but for others as well. But he is a complete fool for even considering that making money is more important than doing so ethically. Money allows independence and a positive mental attitude, which is one of the benefits of having it. The man head over heels in debt is more slave than autonomous.” — B.C. Forbes
  85. “It’s nice to have money and the things it can buy, but it’s important not to lose the things money can’t buy. — The writer George Horace Lorimer
  86. “In the street, give one man a morality lecture and another a schilling, and see which one respects you more.” — Samuel Johnson
  87. “Money is a fairly elementary topic. Like water, food, air, and housing, it affects everything, yet the academic community considers it a subject beneath their social standing.” — Robert Kiyosaki
  88. “We need to make earning money into a game. There is so much good we can accomplish with money. Without it, we are tied and shackled, and our choices become limited.” — Bob Proctor’s.
  89. “The best way for a parent to teach a child about finances is to serve as a role model. — Edward Powell
  90. “Money is used to make things happen. — Richard Branson
  91. “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.” — Sophie Tucker
  92. “Money is the greatest invention of humanity. Money doesn’t discriminate. Money does not care if a person is poor, if he comes from a good family, or what color his skin is. Everyone can make money. ” —Takafumi Horie
  93. “The result of multiplying intelligence by energy is wealth.” — Buckminster Fuller
  94. “I do not value the word “inexpensive.” That is hardly an inspiring word.” — William McKinley
  95. “The only way to avoid thinking about money is to have an abundance of it.” —Edith Wharton
  96. “Today, your mind is the single biggest source of wealth.” — Brian Tracy
  97. “Lead a brave, courageous, and fearless life.” — Henry J. Kaiser
  98. “I would rather be a pauper who spends like a king than a king who spends like a pauper.” — Robert Ingersoll
  99. “You never have a problem with money; you always have a problem with ideas.” —Robert Schuller
  100. “It is not required to be rich and renowned; it is sufficient to be wealthy. — Alan Alda
  101. “Money is a significant symbol of success in our culture.” Successful individuals surround themselves with success symbols—positive, realistic, and encouraging instances of solid achievement.” — Whitt Schultz
  102. “Obtain as much as possible without harming your neighbor. Save as much as you can by eliminating all unnecessary expenses. Give all you can.” — John Wesley

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