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How the Rich Intentionally Nurture Their Friendships: Steve Siebold’s How Wealthy People Think provides an interesting perspective.

According to book “How Rich People Think,” rich people choose their companions deliberately and with care. Siebold suggests the following beliefs regarding the selection of friends by rich people:

1. Rich individuals guard their consciousness. Like attracts like. In general, successful individuals concur that consciousness is contagious and that exposure to more success has the potential to broaden your perspective and increase your income. We become like the people with whom we associate, which is why winners are drawn to other winners.
2. Rich people choose friends who are positive and supportive: The wealthy choose friends who are optimistic and encouraging. They seek out individuals who inspire and motivate them, as opposed to those who are negative or critical.
3. Rich people choose successful friends: Wealthy individuals typically seek out friends who are also successful in their own right. They are aware that success breeds success, and they look up to and draw inspiration from those who have accomplished great things.

4. Rich people choose authentic friends: Rich individuals value authenticity in their friendships, so they seek out genuine companionship. They seek friends who are sincere, honest, and transparent, as opposed to those who put on a mask or attempt to impress others.
5. Wealthy people choose friends with similar beliefs and values. They seek out individuals who place a premium on work ethic, discipline, and morality, as these are often the same values that have contributed to their success.
Overall, Siebold suggests that wealthy individuals are selective about the people with whom they spend time. They pursue friendships that are positive, supportive, successful, genuine, and congruent with their values. By doing so, they will be able to develop strong relationships that will help them grow and achieve even more success.
It is important to note that although wealthy individuals may choose their friends deliberately, this does not mean they only associate with other wealthy individuals. Instead, they value things like positivity, support, and shared values, no matter how much money their friends have. Also, having successful friends can be helpful, but people need to keep a wide range of friendships and not limit themselves to one group.

Regarding the author: Steve Siebold is a self-made millionaire and the author of numerous books, such as “How Rich People Think.” For many years, he made it his business to learn about and communicate with the world’s wealthiest individuals. His insights have helped a lot of people improve their finances.

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