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The Ultimate Travel Companions: The Best Books to Read on a Plane


When embarking on a plane journey, having the perfect book in hand can make the hours’ soar by. Whether you seek adventure, intrigue, or a captivating escape, we have curated a list of the best books to enhance your in-flight experience. From gripping thrillers to heartwarming tales, these literary companions will engross you throughout your flight.

1. “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown:

Immerse yourself in this fast-paced thriller as symbologist Robert Langdon unravels hidden codes and secrets. Its gripping storyline and suspenseful plot twists make it a perfect choice for an engaging plane read.

2. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn: 

Delve into the twisted psychological landscape of this suspenseful masterpiece. As the story unfolds, the intricate layers of deception will keep you guessing until the end, making it an ideal choice for a captivating plane journey.

3. “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins: 

Step into the shoes of Rachel, an unreliable narrator entangled in a web of mystery and intrigue. This atmospheric thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, making the hours fly by as you untangle the truth.

4. “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan: 

Indulge in a delightful, humorous tale that explores the opulent lives of the wealthy elite in Singapore. This light-hearted novel offers a perfect escape, transporting you into glamour, romance, and family drama.

5. “The Martian” by Andy Weir: 

Join astronaut Mark Watney as he fights for survival on Mars in this scientifically accurate and gripping science fiction adventure. This thrilling page-turner will transport you to another planet, making your flight seem like a breeze in comparison.

6. “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah: 

Immerse yourself in the gripping historical fiction set during World War II, following the lives of two sisters in war-torn France. This emotionally charged novel explores love, sacrifice, and resilience themes, providing a captivating and poignant reading experience.

7. “Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman: 

Follow the journey of Eleanor Oliphant, an endearing and complex character, as she navigates life’s challenges with humor and grace. This heartwarming novel will make you laugh, cry, and reflect, creating a memorable reading experience.

8. “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty: 

Dive into the lives of three seemingly perfect women whose seemingly perfect lives unravel in a web of secrets and lies. This addictive mystery novel, with its clever plot twists and well-developed characters, will keep you entertained from takeoff to landing.

9. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams: 

Embark on a hilarious and absurd intergalactic adventure with this science fiction comedy classic. Join Arthur Dent as he navigates space, encountering eccentric characters and mind-bending situations that will have you laughing out loud.

10. “Educated” by Tara Westover: 

Experience the transformative power of education through the remarkable true story of Tara Westover. This memoir chronicles her journey from a childhood in rural Idaho to earning a PhD, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit and the pursuit of knowledge.


Pack one of these captivating books as you embark on your next plane journey. From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming tales, these literary companions are perfect for enriching your in-flight experience. Allow these stories to transport you to different worlds, captivate your imagination, and make your travel time memorable. Bon voyage and happy reading!

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